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What are Hot Melt Adhesives?
Hot melt adhesives are a thermoplastic adhesive that is supplied in many different forms. They are solvent-free, and normally solid at temperatures below 180 degrees degrees F (∞F), and rapidly set when cooling.  Hot melt adhesive technology was introduced from the previous use of molten wax for bonding.  When this method no longer satisfied performance needs, 100 percent thermoplastic systems were introduced.  Today, hot melt adhesives are used in a variety of manufacturing processes, including bookbinding, product assembly, and box and carton heat sealing.

The Technology
Thermoplastic hot melts offer many benefits to the adhesive market.  They are quick to set and easy to use, not to mention, can be used across many different markets and industries, such as packaging, converting, assembly, bookbinding, nonwovens, footwear, etc... Hot melts begin to dry immediately when applied and the cooling begins.  They are ideal for solutions where rapid sealing and bonding is needed. McGinley Adhesive carries some of the most innovating Markets and Technologies from Smartgrip™ and Advantra™ adhesives, which have made huge strides and differences in the adhesive market. These innovations use patented hot melt technology designed to advance the productivity of packagers. Hydrolock™ thermoplastic superabsorbent and Hydralert™ wetness indicating adhesives are unique, patented developments that provide targeted performance to enhance functionality and value.  These are just a few examples that demonstrate our focus on forward-looking hot melt adhesive innovations to help you differentiate your products. (Ref.

Types of Hot Melt Adhesive:

  • ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymers, compatible with paraffin, the original hot melt;
  • styrene-isoprene-styrene (SIS) copolymers;
  • styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) copolymers;
  • ethylene ethyl acrylate copolymers (EEA); and
  • polyurethane reactive (PUR). (Refs. 6, 11).

PUR adhesive
The latest in hot melt advances, PUR adhesive is 100 percent solid, a urethane prepolymer that reacts with moisture to form a new polyurethane polymer. This allows PURs to have different characteristics from average hot melt adhesives

When not to use hot melts-

  • Hot melts can not be used with heat sensitive substrates
  • Hot melts lose strength at high temperatures
  • Hot melts can eventually melt at the highest of temperatures
  • Hot melts can not be used on an item near a heat source, or should be avoided all together
  • However, PURs are resistant to heat once cured and are offering new solutions to the hot melt market

Choosing the right Hot Melt-
- Chemists and Engineers spends countless hours in a lab perfecting each and every type of hot melt, glue, and polymer, but you don't have to.  The staff at McGinley Adhesive is both skilled and experienced with all types of hot melt and will help you choose the right one for your market or industry.  Each application requires a different approach and having the right tools and materials in place is important in achieving the final product.  Let McGinley Adhesive help you with your business needs by calling us today.



























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