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Hot Melt Glue and Usage

Packaging -McGinley Adhesive will help you decide on the best hot melt for your specific packaging needs and usages.

  • Cases and Cartons
    • Advantra™ high performance hot melt adhesives
  • Flexible Packaging
    • Flextra™ water-based adhesives, solvent-based and solventless adhesives for film, paper and foil laminating, primers and hot melt heat seal coating for lidding and over wrap applications. 
  • Container Labeling
    • LiquiLoc®  water-based adhesive and Clarity™  hot melt adhesives.
  • Packaging Engineering
    • Integrated packaging reinforcement systems that add strength to critical stress areas of a box so you can reduce board weight and final package cost
  • Reinforcement and Opening Solutions
  • Specialty Packaging

Building and Contruction - Our hot melt polyutherane adhesives, and pressure-sensitive formulations, including water-based adhesives can be used to address all your flooring needs. Window sealants can be used for proper insulation from the elements and moisture. Our adhesives are also proven for use on your indoor residential and commercial doors.

  • Paint and Coatings
    • Foster™ brand products for industrial, commercial and residential construction
  • Windows
    • McGinley provides industry leading adhesives as well as insulating glass and window sealant solutions.

Paper Converting - McGinley Adhesive carries the highest quality adhesives for all your paper and bookbinding needs. From envelope gums to laminating, our water based and innovative hot melt products will help you simplify operations, improve efficiency,and reduce costs while using only the strongest adhesives on the market. Our pressure-sensitive adhesives can be used for all your tape and label needs. We always work with you one on one to understand your needs and cater the best solution for your business.

  • Bath tissue
    • PlyAble™ foam adhesive laminating system improves your process without compromising critical aesthetics.
  • Corrugated
    • Our leading-edge adhesive technologies for glued lap, laminating and corrugated starch additives provide the breadth and depth required to address your toughest challenges.
  • Envelope Gums
  • Bookbinding
    • Primers for every type of bindery operation from spine gluing hard cover books, paperback, magazines, telephone directories and catalogs to special tipping and casing applications.
  • Multi-Wall bag
    • EasyBlend™ cold-water soluble starch blend innovation.
  • Paper Laminating
    • Airsperse® line of foaming adhesives expose corrugated material to less water for a warp-free, premium quality finish.
  • Tape and Label
  • Tubewinding

Woodworking - Woodworking has never been this easy with the introduction of our reactive hot melt adhesive. High performance and value is always expected with our innovative polyamides and polyurethane adhesives. Compositve Panels and Laminating materials are more easily controlled with time controlled curing rates of our reactive hot melts, such as Rapidez and Rakoll, which enhances laminating and wrapping of unsupported polyvinyl chloride (PVD) film.

  • Cabinet and Countertop
    • Rapidex® reactive hot melt adhesive
  • Composite Panel
    • The latest adhesive advancements for laminating materials to create composite panels
  • Furniture
    • Reduce costs for your consumers with our high quality, low cost variety of Markets and Technologies for furniture and exotic woods.
  • Millwork and Profile Wrap
    • EVA And reactive hotmelts

Specialty Polymers - We can help you select the proper polymer for your industry or business with a wide array of solutions.

  • Polymers for Adhesives
    • We carry a wide variety of base latex emulsion polymers for adhesive manufacturing.
  • Polymers for Building and Construction
    • Acrylic, Styrene Acrylic, Vinyl Acrylic Latexes, Homopolymer, Caulks, Drywall Spackle, and Cement Sealers.
  • Polymers for Fiberglass
    • Our UF modifiers for fiberglass shingle/BUR mat, protects and enhances fiberglass.
  • Polymers for Nonwovens, Paper and Textile
    • Get the chemical resistance, water resistance and mechanical strength you need for your nonwoven and textile materials as well as a variety of functional coatings
  • Polymers for Paint and Coatings
    • With Acrylic, vinyl acrylic and styrene acrylic latexes, our extensive line is the key ingredient in specialty paints and coatings.







































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