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Whoever said that big things come in small packages was right! The iCushion AP-2000 is a tabletop air pillow system that has a small footprint so it is perfect for limited spaces or in low demand packaging areas. Yet it is still a powerful machine that produces air pillows at a line speed of 25 feet per minute so there is no waiting in this line! Using the AP-2000 is simple with instructions right on the machine! The operator also has full control over how the pillows are dispensed. The AP-2000 can run in manual, foot switch or photo eye modes. Plus, there is no messy clean up afterwards, as is often found when smaller packaging areas are forced to use alternative cushioning methods. The AP-2000 proudly runs the iCushion OXO-Biodegradable Air Pillow film so that users can feel confident that they are lowering their impact on the environment with this environmentally preferable product.

Footprint 18.85"L x 15.53"W x 10.51"H
Weight 31 lbs.
Speed 25 ft./min.
Pillow Sizes 8" x 4", 8" x 8"
Pillows/Min 75 (4") Pillows/Min.
Power 110v.
Air Supply Internal
Available Options Photo Switch, Photo Eye Sensor, Storage Bin, Cart


























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